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Race of Champions @ Watermead- Results

Who's that trying a port end flyer? - Image by Austin Guerrier

Who’s that trying a port end flyer? – Image by Austin Guerrier

Before we get on to the results, a quick resume of the format for the Champions Cup.

The event is an MYA invitation race with the skippers picked from the defending Champions Cup winner, current MYA National Champions in IOM, M, Radio A, R36, R6M and R10r, and then up to a maximum of 20 skippers (total) from either the Marblehead or IOM ranking lists.

This years Champions Cup was contested by Marblehead skippers as part of the preparations for the Worlds in Gouda and most of the 14 skippers attending will be out in Holland.

The format is a series of Match Races where each skipper sails against all others at least once followed by fleet racing. Whilst looking confusing once in to it, the racing and event flows surprisingly easily!

So, 2014 saw 14 skippers converge on the Watermead club at Aylesbury on Saturday 14th June, conditions were light and sunny on arrival but the wind filled in nicely during the day to give a near perfect top suit breeze and direction. The excellent race team and organisation allowed for some great match racing and the flow of the event was such that the schedule of match racing was completed in time for  5 fleet races to be sailed on the 1st day.

Results for this can be found below but the match racing winner and overall leader was Brad Gibson with a perfect record of 13 victories; although this might sound like a walk over he was made to work for every one of them! Graham Bantock was lying 2nd followed by Peter Stollery and Roy Stevens. At 5.00pm Clive Bardell (PRO) called time to allow the Beer and Football to take over for the evening.( For football results see BBC/ITV/Sky Sports)

Day 2 started much as day 1 with a light breeze, however the day was more overcast with moisture in the air but this (or the late night) didn’t seem to affect the top guys. The fleet racing as can be expected from the competitive fleet was close and at times fraught but generally conducted in good humour with fair sailing.

The overall result was the same as day 1 with Brad coming away a clear victor but the results sheets show race victories for Brad, Graham, Peter and John Arundell and Tony Guerrier who really got his Quark flying towards the end of the day.

Overall things were clear at the top with Brad winning with a record score but Peter, Graham and Tony G were tight and others in the fleet had battles of their own.

Thanks to all those from Watermead who gave you their weekend to run the event, particularly the skipper marshall on day 1 (sorry didn’t get the name) who kept everyone informed of their heats and made sure we were all on the water at the right time.

The event was a success and next year sees it move to Birkenhead and the IOM class.

Overall Results HERE

Fleet Racing Results HERE